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Welcome to Yuma Union's Nutrition Department

Welcome to the Yuma Union School Nutrition Department! We are happy you are interested in learning more about how our team works to provide for your child’s nutritional needs at school. Our department motto is “Eat to learn; learn to eat,” and we strive to not only make nutritious, nourishing meals but to also educate our students about healthy food choices. We hope our site will be a valuable resource to you as well.

On our website, you’ll find school menus, interesting food facts, and several ways to get in touch with us. Enjoy your stay, and we look forward to hearing from you.

The YUHSD Student Nutrition is an essential part of the total educational experience. Based on the premise that well-nourished students are better prepared to receive the instruction of the school day, the Student Nutrition Department provides safe and nutritious meals. We serve breakfast at no charge to any student in an effort to give them a good start to their day. Lunch is available in all high schools.

Starting in the 2012-13 school year, we are under new regulations. There will be more fruits and vegetables offered, and students are now required to take at least one half cup of fruits or vegetables at each meal. Please review the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program Meal Pattern for more information on portion sizes.

We invite you to join your child for either meal any time. Please call the school office by 9:00 a.m. the day you plan to join us for lunch so we may know how many meals to prepare.

As part of the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, the schools can offer meals free or at a reduced price. Free and reduced-price meal applications are available in the school office, cafeteria, or the Food Services Department. Only one application is required per family.

We can develop special menus based on a student’s medical need. If your child requires a specialized menu, documentation by a physician is necessary. Forms are available at the Student Nutrition Office or at 502-4771.